Transgang Training Seminar: “When ethnography meets cinema”

24 de marzo de 2021 a les 16.00h.

The session will start with a brief introduction by Carles Feixa, PI of the Transgang Project. Margot Mecca, post-doctoral researcher of the Transgang team will then introduce the main aspects of the collaboration between cinema and ethnography developed in the framework of the Transgang project. 
The directors taking part in the project will present their work: Andrés Duque, in the case of Southern Europe; Youssef Chebbi (with the production company Prima Luce), in the case of North Africa; Marcela Zamora (with the production company Kino Glaz) in the case of the Americas. 
The last part of the session will be dedicated to an open discussion, moderated by Olatz González Abrisketa, anthropologist from Universidad del País Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitate

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