Seminari ANTHROMOB EASA: "Mobility and the Future of Work"

Data: 06/11/2019 al 08/11/2019

Organitza: ANTHROMOB (Anthropology and Mobility Network EASA). Amb el suport de la Comissió de Recerca de la Facultat de Geografia i Història (UB) i la col·laboració de CONJUST i de GER- Grup de Recerca sobre Reciprocitat

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Lloc:  Facultat de Geografia i Historia de la Universitat de Barcelona (Campus Raval), carrer de Montalegre 6, Barcelona.

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Day I: November 6

13.30-15.00: Registration

15.00-16.00: Welcome and introduction

16.00-18.00: PANEL 1: Digital nomads: New configurations of work-related mobile communities and social spaces

Chair: Fabiola Mancinelli

  • Elisenda Ardèvol, Patricia Matos: "The potentiality to move: mobility and future in digital nomads' practices"
  • Eeva Kesküla: "Challenging ideas of work and seeking alternatives in digital nomad families"
  • Dyana Wing So, Yoana Stefanova, Isabel Cristina Parra, Riccardo Demurtas: "The Life-cycle Model of Digital Nomads: A Case Study of Barcelona"
  • Fabiola Mancinelli: "Ethos of freedom and geoarbitrage: digital nomads and the future of work"
  • Doerte Weig: "Gigging, platforming, co-collaborating: The relevance of multimodal sensing in our future work and mobility practices"

18.00-18.30: Break

18.30-19.30: Keynote session TBA

19.30-21.00: Welcome Drink

Day II: November 7

9.00-11.00: PANEL 2: Mobility, education and work in the making of a desirable self

Chair: Silvia Wojczewski

  • Ignacio Fradejas-Garcia, Roger Norum : "Un/placing expert knowledge: Mobility and place as future assets among the careers of academics and development workers"
  • Leonardo Azevedo: "Brazilian brains in mobility"
  • Silvia Wojczewski: "Imaginaries of diaspora and work in the process of fashioning the self"
  • Corinne Schwaller: "'I run and run but I don't get anywhere': Precarity as life on a treadmill"
  • Briana Nichols: "Waiting for Change: educational striving, 'professionalism', and mobility in Guatemala"

11.00-11.30: Tea/Coffee Break

11.30-13.30: PANEL 3: Social justice: Planning for the future in transnational settings

Chair: Mikel Aramburu and Irene Sabaté Muriel

  • Silvia Bofill: "Care, labour and mobility: struggles for the future"
  • Ramesh Sunam: "South-South Transnational Labour Migration and Precarity"
  • Angelina Kussy, Mauricio Chemas: "Translocal livelihoods, kinship and the creation of a "pure labor": towards political economy of transnationalism"
  • Ambra Formenti, Francesco Vacchiano: "Superflexibility: Mobility, Work and the Future among Portuguese Migrants in Peterborough (UK)"

13.30-15.00: Lunch

15.00-16.00: Anthromob Network Meeting (for all participants)

16.00-18.00: PANEL 4: Values and imaginaries of mobility and future in precarious work arrangements

Chair: Anna Lisa Ramella

  • Asiya Islam: "'Computer wala kaam': Precarious work and technological imaginaries among young women in urban India"
  • Victoria Stead: "Labour, mobility, and the making of futures and places in an Australian horticultural region"
  • Anna Lisa Ramella: "Para-sitic mobilities - lateral future-making in times of fragility"
  • Giuseppe Troccoli: "Moving to work, building to live: the precarious mobilities of construction workers in Belize"
  • Ursula Probst: "(Sex) Work for a better future? Mobility, hopes and realities of sex workers from Central and Eastern Europe in Berlin"

19.30: Social Dinner (venue TBA; self-funded)

DAY III: November 8

9.00-11.00: PANEL 5: Freedom to work, precarity of work: entrepreneurship and/or -precariat in contexts of mobility

Chair: TBA

  • Susanne Klien: "Urban migrants in rural Japan: Between limbo and aspiration"
  • Hemangini Gupta: "Will to Automate: Postcolonial Mobilities and the Future of Work"
  • Laura A. Tufă: "Overwork in uncertain working time regimes and blurred physical boundaries. Discourses and practices of mobility in tele- and home-working"
  • Neda Deneva: "Mobility without Migration: Labour Exchange and On-demand-mobility in the IT Sectors in Romania and Bulgaria"
  • María Jesús Cabezón-Fernández: "Dealing with the crisis through transnational entrepreneurship. Itineraries across spatialities in the Mediterranean arena"

11.00-11.30: Tea/Coffee Break

11.30-13.30: Publication and Discussion Lab

13.30-15.00: Lunch

15.00-16.30: Thematic walk