Conferència: Anthropology and Geography: Dialogues Past, Present and Future

Data: 04/06/2020 al 07/06/2020

Organitza: The British Academy, The British Museum, The Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI), The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), SOAS University of London

Enviament de propostes: fins el 2 de setembre de 2019

The RAI believes that anthropology and geography should be close, all the more so as the two disciplines have so much in common, both today and in the past. It hopes very much that through this conference, existing dialogues can be explored and further conversations take place on a host of vital issues including the Anthropocene, definitions of ethnology, methodology and fieldwork, contemporary understanding, education and public awareness, and the place of our disciplines in the modern world. We hope equally that this will lead to a shared intellectual understanding of our past and the emergence of the two disciplines, and an even closer engagement in the future, particularly in terms of emerging fields of mutual interest: e.g. digital media, geospatial mapping, and satellite photography.